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  • 3 Places Where a Little Paint Goes a Long Way

    June 21, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • orlando interior painting professionals use moderationIf you live in a small house or apartment, decorating can be difficult. Even if there aren’t restrictions on hanging art or installing new light fixtures, getting your interior paint to look just right can be tricky, considering light sources, natural light, and the surface area of your walls. This might not be a big issue for those who choose to use a neutral palette for their homes, but bright colors are an entirely different story.

    Luckily for you, small doses of bright colors can add an unbelievable vibrancy and lightness to any space. Here are a few areas in your home or apartment where you can add just a touch of color for impressive results:

    • Your furniture. You wouldn’t believe how much different a room can look if you simply paint the chairs. We love the idea of mixing and matching different colors, for example, painting each of your dining chairs a different color. Try variations of a monochromatic palette or make your own indoor rainbow. Best of all, this is the safest way to add color and keep your security deposit!
    • Your doors. We’ve already talked about how much we love painting the entrance door in a bright hue, but have you considered painting your interior doors? Choosing one bright, complementary color for all of your doors can give your home or apartment a chic, polished look. Just don’t try too many different colors in a small hallway, or they may become overwhelming.
    • Small walls and “forgotten spaces.” Who says your accent wall has to be just one wall? Applying a bright color to a wall that’s broken up by a door or a window, or a small wall tucked away in a corner, brings an unexpected pop to any space. Try this idea in a breakfast nook or around the kitchen to keep things light and lively in your high traffic areas.

    When it comes to interior paints, the bright colors are highly saturated and will stand out even in places you didn’t notice before. Try using these techniques to highlight your favorite areas in your home, or to add a little intrigue to an otherwise neutral apartment. Not sure what colors will go best in your living space? The interior painting professionals at Orlando Painting and Drywall can help. Schedule your Sherwin-Williams color consultation by calling 407-326-9779 today.