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  • 3 Things Your Color Consultant Wants You to Know

    September 29, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • orlando interior painting teamWhen you schedule your interior painting consultation with the team at New Ceilings, you’ll get one-on-one time with a Sherwin-Williams color professional. Our partners at Sherwin-Williams are top-notch color specialists and can help you transform your ideas into a stunning palette and a few buckets of paint. But what exactly does your color specialist do during your appointment? If you already have some ideas in mind, wouldn’t it be easier to test them yourself?

    You’d be surprised by just how much your color specialist can help speed up your project and relieve your stress. From the Orlando interior painting team at Orlando Painting and Drywall, here are 3 things your color consultant wants you to know before you meet.

    • You’ll be involved in the process. Your color consultant doesn’t want to come in and walk all over your selections – they want to get you excited about your new home decor and to help you actualize whatever ideas are forming in your head. Each color consultation is a very collaborative process, and your consultant can help you incorporate your favorite pieces of furniture and decor into the mix.
    • Be prepared for some decision-making. The initial part of your meeting involves your specialist getting to know you and your home. They’ll most likely use an app or bring a swatch selection to help guide you through some of the best color options for each area. Don’t get overwhelmed – if there’s a color you were really hoping to incorporate, bring it up in the beginning so your selection will be narrowed.
    • Try and have a few of your favorite pieces ready. Showing your consultant your favorite rug or ottoman is a great way to give them a starting point. Your consultant wants to make it as easy as possible for you to decorate your home and celebrate your colors. If you need suggestions on colors for new furnishings, they can probably help you there, too!

    Meeting with a color consultant before you start your interior painting project can make the process stress-free and help produce the results you really want. To learn more or to schedule your appointment, call the interior painting professionals at Orlando Painting and Drywall at 321-326-9779 today.