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  • 3 Tips to Help Keep Your Repainting Project Organized

    August 25, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • organizing an interior painting projectRepainting your house can be chaotic, whether you’re focusing on one room or all of them. There’s the furniture and flooring to protect, the colors to choose, the rollers and brushes to buy… After all that, it’s no wonder you might have a hard time organizing your project! However, a lack of structure can make your project last much longer than you expected, so what’s the best way to get things in order?

    As Orlando’s trusted interior painting professionals, the team at Orlando Painting and Drywall has the system down pat. Here are a couple tips we use to keep all of our projects organized efficiently:


    • Knock out the bedrooms and bathrooms first. These are the rooms that give you the privacy and comfort you need to really feel at home. Take care of painting them first so that you can put your bed, dresser, and other furniture back in place before you go on to paint the rest of your house. That way, you’ll have a place to sleep comfortably while the chaos ensues! Just make sure the vapors have dissipated before you try to sleep, or use one of Sherwin-Williams low-vapor solutions.
    • Try to avoid other chores in the rooms you’re painting. Make sure you knock out your usual to-do list before you get started on your project. Not only will this help keep you organized, it will also help protect your items while they’re stored away. For example, you don’t want to do laundry while you’re painting the laundry room – otherwise, your fresh clothes will smell like chemicals.
    • All hands on deck to help paint the kitchen. The kitchen is the area that you want to knock out in the shortest amount of time. Letting this task linger can lead you to let your produce spoil in the fridge while you opt for take-out instead. Make sure you get a few helpers to knock out the kitchen quickly and efficiently so you can return to your normal dining schedule.

    These tips cover things you may not usually think about when it comes to painting, and ultimately, they’ll save you the extra time and effort! Of course, getting all your tools ready before you begin can be a real pain if you’re not a pro. Skip the hassle and leave the hard work to the experts! Get in touch with the Orlando interior painting team at Orlando Painting and Drywall at 407-326-9779 today to schedule your consultation.