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  • Exterior Painting: Working with What You’ve Got

    September 13, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • exterior painting team orlando exterior paint solutionsWhen you’re looking for a new home, we’re guessing you probably focus most of your attention on the interior, right? That makes sense – after all, you’re not going to be eating, sleeping, and entertaining guests around the outside of your home. Still, your home’s exterior gives your friends and neighbors a first impression of what things are like on the inside. So, what are you to do if your exterior doesn’t have the same appeal as the interior?

    Sprucing up the exterior can be more difficult than changing the interior of your home, since you can’t do much in the way of additions and subtractions. However, you can use paint to highlight your favorite features and downplay the flaws. Here are 3 issues and 3 paint-based solutions from the exterior painting team at Orlando Painting and Drywall:

    • Problem: Bring your favorite interior color outside. Many homeowners opt for standard beige or tan shades for the outsides of their homes, not wanting to overwhelm the neighborhood with bright shades. However, there’s no issue with using your favorite interior colors outdoors (provided you use the right exterior formula). If you think the shade is too bright or garish, look for a lighter tone and play up its features with accent trim and doors.
    • Problem: Beefing up curb appeal. While grey and beige (and greige) go with just about any other color in the rainbow, they’re not particularly exciting on their own. You don’t have to repaint your entire exterior to boost your curb appeal, though! Select a couple bold, contrasting colors to paint on the trim and doors and you’ll notice a huge difference. A Sherwin-Williams color consultant can help you select the perfect palette.
    • Problem: Downplaying an ugly roof. Not a fan of the way your roof looks? That probably doesn’t qualify as a reason to replace it. Instead, focus on the little details of your home. A brightly colored front door will be the first place everyone’s eyes go, taking attention away from an unsightly roof. You can also select a color in the same palette as your roof that you find more pleasant, making the roof blend in.

    When it comes to exterior painting, paying special attention to the trim and doors is a great way to give your home a boost of color. It’ll also give you lots more flexibility when you want to change up your look. Not sure what palette works best with what you’ve got? Schedule your consultation with the exterior painting team at Orlando Painting and Drywall. Call 407-326-9779 today.