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  • High-Gloss, Eggshell, Flat, Oh My! Understanding Paint Finishes

    January 3, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • As if choosing the right paint color for your rooms wasn’t already difficult enough, you also have to select the perfect finish for your paint. Some of the most common types of finishes can seem somewhat vague if you don’t have much experience or a solid knowledge base–for example, what’s the difference between satin and eggshell, and how glossy is semi-gloss versus high gloss? In their frustration, a number of homeowners simply choose their paint without regard to the finish.

    While it’s certainly easy to become overwhelmed, it’s important to understand that your paint finish is just as important as your color of choice. New Ceilings offers this simple guide to help make painting your Orlando home a breeze.

    • High-gloss paint is, as the name says, particularly glossy. While this quality does highlight your wall’s imperfections very noticeably, it also allows you to quickly and efficiently clean your walls when you need to. We recommend choosing a high-gloss paint for kitchens and bathrooms, and other areas where you may need to scrub out splashes and stains.
    • Satin and eggshell paintswhile they are not the same, can be grouped together as a sort of middling ground between high-gloss and flat paint. Eggshell is the less glossy of the two, and satin is also known as “pearl” finish. These types of finishes are great for living rooms, bedrooms, and so on, as they can hold up under moderate cleaning, but don’t highlight imperfections the way glossy finishes do.
    • Flat paints have no glossy finish to them whatsoever. Most often, flat paint is used for ceilings, since it can scuff easily and does not withstand cleaning. While it can add some interest to rooms, be sure you only use flat paint in areas where imperfections won’t be so easy to come by.

    Now that you have a better idea of what each finish type is and where it’s best used, you can select your paint with confidence. Another important thing to keep in mind is to select a high quality paint. When you’re painting in Orlando, trust the experts at New Ceilings, who can provide you with professional-grade products and beautifully painted walls like no other. Give us a call at (407) 378-6040 for your free color consultation today.