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  • A fresh coat of paint puts the final touch on your new home or office construction. It adds a great visual appeal, offers protection and adds value in the best way possible. There are many fantastic reasons why Orlando Painting & Drywall remains the preferred choice for most Orlando residents who want to have their buildings painted. We are truly aware of how important it is to get the painting job done correctly the first time. We work meticulously to ensure quality delivery on every new construction painting project that we complete. We also work under tight budget and time to ensure that excellence in painting work is delivered.

    At Orlando Painting & Drywall, our expert painters have the knowledge and expertise to handle every new painting to suit the unique requirements of our customers. From selecting the best type of paint, picking the right colors, and more our in-house painters will offer you an expert painting service at a price that you can afford.  We endeavor to use the highest paint quality, which will ensure that you enjoy our work for many years that are yet to come. We have been proven the best in new construction painting services and our painting teams are true experts who ensure that their craft remains up to date. We achieve this by using the best technique that provides the best results for each of our diverse clientele.

    Anytime you want to hire the services of a new construction painting expert, you can remain at peace by trusting Orlando Painting & Drywall with your painting needs. No matter the size of your painting project, you can count on our green products to deliver you state of the art results.

    Orlando Painting & Drywall Thrives on Challenges

    Orlando Painting & Drywall thrives on challenges that emanate in the process of completing different sizes and complexities of painting work for our ever-growing client base. All our painting professionals know when and where to anticipate challenges, therefore positioning themselves to serve our clients in a much better way.

    One of the huge benefits of working with us is that we have the capacity to handle your new building paintings from start to completion. Whether its normal painting, decorative painting or custom painting treatments, we can help in ensuring that you are superbly laid down designs and plans are completed.

    Nonetheless, our year of hands-on experience has assisted us in developing innovative methods that enhance our ability to deliver high painting standards consistently. We will always be motivated by thrills of challenges that are fulfilled with skill, artistry and thought.

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